G-Ext® Exterior Decorative Panels 

G-Ext® exterior decorative panels are produced by-pressing impregnated kraft papers together with decorative papers which are EBC (Electron Beam Curing) treated. The process of pressing involves high pressure and temperature.

• G-Ext® exterior decorative panels will remain clean for a long period of time thanks to its smooth, non-porous surface.
• Enables easy cleaning.
• Fire retardant.
• Doesn't melt during the fire, doesn't form fire drops, doesn't burst into flames and doesn't explode and doesn't release poisonous gases.
• It is extremely resistant to impacts and mechanic pressure.
• Doesn't include asbestos – chloride heavy metals and toxic materials.
• It has an ability to recover easily after impacts.
• It is highly endurable to corrosion and cracking.
• It is economic and convenient in terms of technical characteristics and endurance.
• It can be easily processed, cut, sized, drilled and formed.
• Longlived. It is highly resistant against humidity and vapour.
• It is UV radiation resistant in wide range of climate conditions.
• It is acid rain resistant.
• Warranty period is 10 years.

Water Repellant

Impact Resistance

Dry Heat Resistance

Scratch & Abrasion Resistance

Low Light Reflectivity

Heat & Cold Resistance

Easy To Clean

Ultra Color Intensity

Chemical Resistance


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